Taxi booking app & web dashboard

Complete app with fully featured admin panel

Taxi booking app & web dashboard.

Complete app with fully featured admin panel.

Android Preview Dashboard Preview

















Android Features

1] Driver App

2] Customer App

Web Dashborad Features

Android App Installation

Follow the steps to compile and run in your Android Studio IDE.

  1. Open your Android studio. Select open existing project.


    2. Goto and put BASE_URL as shown in screenshot.

iPhone App Installation

Follow the steps to compile and run in your XCode IDE.

  1.     1. Open your XCode. Go to taxi app dowloded folder and select or open taxi.xcwordspace 


    2. Goto as per image and change app name and bundle ID

    3. Goto config.swift file and change app configuration

    4. Replace generated plist file

    5. Replace generated plist file

    6. Change paypal environment

Firebase setup

Follow the steps to set up firebase

  1.     1. Go to and follow the steps 


    2. Select exsting project if you have any or create new one as per step 1

    3. Select iOS or Android section as per your product


For android

For iOS/iPhone

cocoapod and POD installation steps

Follow the steps to to install pod and cocoapod if you haven't installed

open the ./install path on your browser. and fill appropriate details.


login in paypal developer account and follow steps

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