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Visitor Network TV-Nantucket

Project Description

Visitor Network TV is a fun, exciting local channel experience that offers Nantucket’s visitors everything they need to know about where to shop and eat, accommodations, island events and entertainment, and our colorful community culture. Residents love its in-depth personal profiles and the latest listings for what’s going on around town.
Now you can download the free Visitor Network TV app and instantly receive a live TV stream from Visitor Network TV Channel 99, available 24/7, anytime from anywhere on your mobile device. With just a click of the app, you can get an inside look at Nantucket, how the locals live and how they stand on island issues and news. No matter where you are, if you have an interest in Nantucket this app is the only one you need to stay informed.
All this is brought to you by station owner and visionary Geno Geng. For the last 15 years, Geno has provided thousands of fascinating programs in crisp, clear video for the people of Nantucket. Visitor Network is his newest innovation to ensure that those coming to the island enjoy their vacation to the fullest and to keep Nantucketers up to the minute about life in their hometown.
If you love Nantucket, you will love the Visitor Network TV app. Download it today!

Project Details

Client: Visitor Network TV-Nantucket

Tags: Android

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